My passion is helping you land your dream job, grow your career, and
    gain the compensation you deserve!

    Get yourself in the driver’s seat in your career by leveraging the power of LinkedIn to build your professional brand.

    Be pursued by recruiters and headhunters at top companies by positioning yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert in your industry.

    In my LinkedIn sessions, I not only work with you to build a professional profile but also teach you how to effectively manage it. This allows you to grow your network, showcase your achievements/knowledge, and tap into the hidden job market.

    As a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), I will also teach you how to connect with people outside of your “bubble” (the ones LinkedIn says are too far out of your network) without the use of paid subscriptions, source positions before they become official job postings, and get noticed by companies in which you are interested.

    Clients may want to book more than one session to both build a strong LinkedIn profile and develop a professional branding strategy from the ground-up.

    Do you know that most people are preparing for interviews the wrong way?

    They are spending hours and hours researching what a company MIGHT ask during an interview. Then they develop canned answers to those.

    There are so many things wrong with this method.

    First, they become flustered if the interviewer doesn’t ask what they had prepared to answer.

    Second, with canned answers, they aren’t showcasing anything unique about themselves to distinguish them from the competition.

    My method gets you in control of the interview by formulating thoughtful, unique, and well-crafted stories to shape for almost any interview question.

    How many should I book? Some people book one session. Others book multiple sessions. It is completely up to you and there is no limit. 

    You will be completely transformed in your interviewing preparation technique.

    Are you looking for additional coaching? I’ve got you covered. I can work with you on a variety of topics. I can create and tailor a customized coaching session just for you! Some of my previous clients have requested

    Salary Negotiation

    Responding to Counteroffers

    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    Performance Evaluation Preparation

    Explaining a Termination


    Continuing Education 

    Job Searching Strategies

    Career Change

    Returning to Work


    Hidden Job Markets

    Unlock your career potential and find your true calling with the Myers-Briggs Strong Interest Inventory.

    Discover your passions, interests, and career paths that align with your strengths.

    The Strong Interest Inventory (SII), often referred to as the Strong Interest Test, is the gold standard of career assessment tools designed to help individuals identify their interests and preferences in various occupational areas. 

    By booking this session, you will receive a link to complete your Strong Interest Inventory, a 30-minute consult to discuss your career, and your full report presented to you in PDF format. 

    1. Assessment: The Strong Interest Inventory typically consists of a series of questions where individuals indicate their level of interest in various activities, tasks, and career-related topics. The assessment covers a wide range of occupational fields, hobbies, and activities.

    2. Interests and Preferences: Based on the responses, the assessment categorizes individuals into different interest categories. These categories can include Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (often abbreviated as RIASEC). The assessment also considers personal values and work preferences.

    3. Career Exploration: The results of the Strong Interest Inventory are used to generate a personalized career profile. This profile suggests potential career paths and fields that align with an individual’s interests and preferences.

    4. Educational Guidance: In addition to career guidance, the Strong Interest Inventory can also provide insights into suitable educational programs and majors, helping students make informed decisions about their academic pursuits.

    5. Personal Development: The assessment is not only used for career planning but also for personal development. It helps individuals understand themselves better and can be a valuable tool for making life choices aligned with their interests.

    6. Customized Reports: Counselors and career advisors typically provide individuals with customized reports based on their Strong Interest Inventory results. These reports offer recommendations and insights tailored to each individual’s profile.

    7. Research-Based: The Strong Interest Inventory is grounded in decades of research and has been refined over the years to ensure its reliability and validity.

    8. Versatility: It can be used by people at various stages of their careers, from high school students exploring career options to adults considering a career change.

    Invest in your future by understanding what truly motivates you and where your talents lie.