The Hidden Job Market

Er, the "Sort of" Hidden Job Market

So long are the days where 100% of your job search is applying to posted opportunities on major job boards.

Then "like sands through the hourglass" waiting for someone to contact you.⌛​

Not today, time clock! ⏲️​

Now there is a magnitude of ways to get out there and put yourself in the driver's seat (vroom vroom) in the job search. 🚗​🚘 🔭

It is the "sort of" hidden job market.

I say "sort of" because, well, really, it isn't truly hidden if you know where to look.

Let's make this simple!

In essence, it is about networking, talking to recruiters (in-house and third-party), joining professional organizations, positioning yourself as a thought leader through posts/content, searching LinkedIn posts, and creating a stellar LinkedIn profile with keywords, content, achievements, and media.

It becomes an integrated approach of sourcing jobs through connections while also becoming a prime, targeted candidate for upcoming job opportunities as hiring leaders and recruiters search LinkedIn for talent. 🎯​

Once you've got them, show them your powerful, metric-driven resume to slam dunk it 🏀​ and command (er, negotiate) a higher salary because, well, you are worth it! 🤑💯​

My clients who have taken this approach end up booking me for resume updates (with experience gained since the last time we worked together).

Not because they need to start searching. But because they are actively pursued by companies and need to share an updated resume with their new experience.