What to Include in an Interview Thank You Letter to be Memorable to an Interviewer


Read the internet, there are dozens, hundreds, ok, THOUSANDS of articles on how to write an interview thank you letter.

Guess, what. They are boring, standard, and miss one of the single most crucial elements in the thank you letter to ensure you aren’t forgotten in the selection process.

That is (ready for it?)

Something you discussed OFF topic.

Wait, WHAT?

Did you, Bridget Batson, just advise me to include that random bit of conversation you had over a song, university, traffic, vacation, or article of clothing in the thank you letter?

I did!

Why? Shouldn't the thank you letter be boring and use a standard template I found online?

No. No. No.

Everyone else is doing that.

You want to stand out.

The interviewer has probably interviewed 5-6 other candidates for the job WHILE they were also doing their regular duties.

So, you want to be remembered.

You want them to not forget about the amazing interview experience they had with you.

Think about it.

When you reflect through your memories, unique things stand out.

For example, you may not remember everything discussed during a lecture. But you may remember a red sweater, a joke they said, or even where they were from.

The same methodology aligns with this.

Give the interviewer something to remember you by during the interview.

Then, bring it up again in the thank you letter in addition to best practices in writing it.

So, the magic formula for creating a thank you letter is

1. The Greeting (Good Afternoon Mr./Ms. X).

2. Thank Them for the Interview.

3. Key Points to Reiterate Your Strengths in Line with the Job Role.

4. Something You Discussed Off-Topic (the purpose of this article)

5. Reaffirm Your Interest in the Role.

6. Invite the Interviewer to Follow-Up with Any Additional Questions.